NaïtUp Quatro Hussarde Roof Tent

The Campi review


NaïtUp is Campinambulle’s favourite roof tent. A small French production site, created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. An extraordinarily ingenious tent design that is surprisingly easy to use (you can strike and pitch it in less than a minute, watch in hand). With very high-quality materials and adventure styling, every detail is taken care of. A high-end product, which is how we like it at Campinambulle. A very smart patented system for fastening it to the roof bars (nufix system): with a simple screwdriver, it takes less than 3 minutes to install. Inside, the rating is 4-star, the space is huge, the mattresses are of a very high standard and everything has been properly thought out: Firm 160 Foam Mattress, Under-Mattress, Pack of 2 mini-lights, stainless steel key lock, Double front closures for high vehicles, high ladder and closing rod, 2 shoe nets and corner pieces, Nufix fastening system.

And above all, the ventilation system (a big weak point of most of the hard-shell roof tents on the market) is extremely efficient, significantly reducing condensation. As you’ll have guessed, we highly recommend their roof tents, and we are proud to work with them!


Manufacturer's description

In less than a minute, simply deploy or close up your roof tent thanks to the unique patented kinematics. With its large rear window, lined with mosquito nets, and its transparent side windows with interior flaps, you can enjoy the landscapes!

  • A high-performance ventilation system
    Our patented passive ventilation system helps to regulate the temperature inside the roof tent and prevent condensation from forming whatever the weather.
    – Modular roof opening, with a mosquito net lining
    – Under the sun, there is a convection system thanks to the dark-coloured shell
    – In rainy weather, the roof opening is protected by the shell


  • Secure anti-theft NuFix fastening system
    Thanks to the NuFix fastening system on the roof tent, installation is quick, easy and secure on the roof bars of your vehicle. They are approved by the ISO 11154 standard, which is the international crash safety standard for vehicle roof accessories. They have undergone vibration and wrenching tests as well as a city crash test.

Technical characteristics

Weight: 75-85 kg depending on options

Unfolded dimensions

  • Width: 170cm
  • Depth: 220cm
  • Height: 142cm

Folded dimensions

  • Width: 123cm
  • Depth: 215cm
  • Height: 28cm

Added technical features

  • ABS shell: Exceptional durability, anti-UV and anti-scratch PMMA coating, retains its bright satin colour. Recyclable, does not crumble and does not release particles or harmful gases
  • Aluminium and stainless steel structure: Lightweight and Anti-corrosion
  • Breathability, waterproofing and anti-condensation

Polycotton canvas: Breathable, soft, waterproof and rot-proof (2i) – Comfortable and effective 30% Cotton, 70% Polyester – 230 g/m² – Ripstop (tear resistant) – Colour