Skycamp Ikamper Roof Tent

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The Campi review

The Skycamp 2.0, the highly successful 2019 version of the tent when it was released in 2017, has adventure styling with this beautiful quilted world map. A sky view window for looking up at the stars. But above all, its main benefit is the size of the high-density mattress: 190cm * 205cm. It is perfectly suitable for 2 adults and 3 children. Manufactured with the greatest care in the Ikamper factory in South Korea, each Skycamp is assembled and the product is certified by the highest international standards, according to the ISO 9001 (Quality management) and ISO 14001 (Management of the environment) standards. The interior storage is provided with the tent.
The Skycamp can be quickly pitched thanks to its detailed design and the quality of its parts.

Supplied with two stainless steel shell locks: you can leave your vehicle unattended without any worries.

The windows of the Skycamp 2.0 are made up of 3 layers: a transparent vinyl part, a mosquito net, and an outer opaque polyester canvas. The latter can be rolled up or transformed into a window awning.

The lightweight and aerodynamic shell is made of fibreglass reinforced plastic and has TWO layers for thermal and sound insulation, while also offering good resistance to condensation.

The floor of the Skycamp is made of high-performance aluminium panels arranged in a honeycomb pattern, which are lightweight and strong enough to support a 1.8-tonne Jeep Wrangler!

The breathable and waterproof canvas is made of breathable polycotton (300 g/m2) to reduce condensation.
The canvas and zips are waterproof.

Weight and installation
Thanks to the Skycamp’s low weight (72kg), it is compatible with most roof racks on the market.
The Skycamp’s shell is available in black and Rocky Black (a robust scratch-resistant coating at €350).