Swing arm for bike carrier right Fiat Ducato adapter
(Van - Swing)

The Campi review
The Van-Swing arm module is used to move the bike carrier to the side. This means that you can use your Campinambulle travel trunk without having to remove the bikes or take off the bike rack.

Bike rack
The swing arm is mounted on a towbar and is compatible with every make and model of towbar bike carrier.


  • Standard ball joint: to fit the swing arm, you need a towbar with a standard ball joint (vertical plate with two or four holes).
  • Swan neck: If your towbar has a conventional swan neck (bolted to the system), you must replace the swan neck with a plate (sold separately).
  • Swan neck removable without tools: if your towbar has a swan neck that is removable without tools, it is unfortunately not possible to replace the swan neck with a standard ball joint, so you have to change the towbar.

The swing arm has a brace located at its right end. This part is fixed to the vehicle chassis.

  • Fiat Ducato: the part is available as standard and delivered with the package (it must be drilled and sometimes cut by one to two centimetres depending on the Ducato model).
  • Other vehicles: the brace must be made to measure to fit it to the vehicle chassis. You can do this yourself if you have metal-working expertise and equipment.
  • Please note that the model’s trailer socket is a 13-pin socket. If your towbar is fitted with a 7-pin plug, you can add an adapter.

The swing arm is not approved for towing a trailer. There are 4 bolts to remove it and put a ball joint towbar back in place.

Manufacturer's description

The Van-Swing is a swing arm module which is fitted to the ball joint between the towbar and the bike carrier. The Van-Swing can be mounted on a standard towbar with a standard ball joint, not a swan neck ball joint. You can put your bike carrier (for the ball joint) on the Van-Swing. You don’t have to remove the bikes and the rack, if you want to open the rear doors or the tailgate. With the Van-Swing, you can swing the bike carrier and the entire side section so that both rear doors or the tailgate can be opened simultaneously (depending on the type of vehicle).

The Van-Swing is strictly designed as a solution to swing the bike rack and must not be used for towing under any circumstances. A 13-pin socket for extending the towbar wiring is provided, and the vehicle-specific support arms are included in the delivery.

Technical characteristics


  • Bumper depth: 20cm
  • Total arm length 96 cm
  • Arm length from the centre of the towbar ball joint to the right end (86cm)
  • Rotation arc: 90° (with bikes) – 110° (without bikes)
  • Rotation arc: 90° (with bikes) – 110° (without bikes)
  • Loading capacity: 60 kg (suitable for two electric bikes)
  • Maximum pulling weight: Nothing, towing not allowed
  • Folded depth = 13 cm


Added technical features

  • Materials: steel (galvanised and powder coated)