Therm a rest mondoking 3d self-inflating mattress

The Campi review

The Therm-a-Rest mattresses are “Guaranteed for Life”. Enough said. They invented the self-inflating mattress, and since then, they have always been one step ahead of the competition. This “Mondoking 3D” model is quite simply the most comfortable self-inflating model in the world: 10 cm of expanded honeycomb foam, which inflates on its own when the valves are opened. The combination of the foam and air perfectly conforms to the contours of the body, delivering impressive stability and comfort. A material which also prevents the bouncing that is a feature of conventional inflatable mattresses. What’s more, it offers more insulation and is noiseless, unlike conventional inflatable mattresses. The firmness can be adjusted as required by releasing more or less air. This “Mondoking 3D” mattress with straight edges offers up to 20% more surface area than round edges for maximum comfort. Twinnable with a second mattress. Ideal for people who don’t want to compromise on the quality of their sleep. Thanks to the very soft covering, it is perfect even as a spare bed.


L: 10 x 64 x 196cm

Manufacturer's description

New version 2019: sleep in royal comfort with the thickest of our luxury mattresses.

Always higher, always further? The MondoKing 3D is the answer to your dreams of grandeur. The MondoKing™ 3D is the largest Therm-a-Rest® mattress we have ever produced. The straight sides create a usable sleeping surface that is 20% bigger: spread out with confidence when you go to sleep! The dual valves allow the compressible foam core to quickly inflate when the mattress is unrolled. Storage bag included.

Technical characteristics


  • Length: 196cm
  • Width: 64cm
  • Thickness: 10cm
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Folded dimensions: 66 x 23cm


Added technical features

  • Comfort and stability: thanks to the stability and thickness of 10 cm, you can bring the comfort of your own home with you wherever you spend the night
  • New fabric: the soft knit provides excellent breathability and a soft contact surface with the skin
  • Very large sleeping surface: the straight sides maximise the usable sleeping surface
  • Incredibly warm: the foam core keeps you warm whatever the season, whatever the location, to guarantee a good night’s sleep
  • Self-inflating: the dual valves allow the compressible foam core to inflate when the mattress is unrolled. It only takes a few more breaths to get the required level of firmness
  • Twinning two mattresses: perfect connection with another 3D mattress
  • Origin: Ireland

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